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Thoughtful Real Estate 

So you can enjoy your retirement

  • Empty nester
  • Trade down
  • Live in place
  • And all those other tough decisions!

Examples of Jeff's Work

The Miller's place

It was time to give up the old homestead and move into the Aljoya Retirement Community - closer to family, less maintenance, gourmet meals and service or privacy when needed. I listed it and negotiated a satisfactory offer (above asking price) in two weeks. It sounds easy but it took seven months to prepare. 35 years of living takes a while to fix, sort, paint, etc..

Caroline's place

Caroline wanted to sell and buy another more comfortable place with less work to do. We looked but finally I convinced her that simply getting a Reverse Mortgage on her existing place and fixing it up made more sense. Now she remains in the convenient community she loves. No transaction for me but that's OK. In another 5 - 10 years the stairs will be too much. And she will certainly be back because I did right by her.

P.S. Caroline just referred me in glowing terms to the son of a 95 year old who needs to sell - Karma? 

Richard's dad's 8 units

My friend, Richard, Sr., died. His son, a doctor from up-state New York needed to sell. It was just too far away for him to manage and he's a busy man. I had helped the dad do a tax-deferred exchange into it 8 - 10 years before.

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