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About Us

I'm Jeff Perkins, a real estate Broker for a lot of years. I believe, however, that a Realtor should have a life before real estate. Please see my resume below for an active life. 

The Us in "About Us" is a group of business people who specialize in working with Boomer Plus folks - just like me. Please see the Resource page to see my compadres.

My Promise to you -

  • * To Listen
  • * To tell you what I think, not what I think you want to hear, and
  • * To work for your best interests.
  • Jeff

Jeff's Resume 

  • Torpedoman, USN
  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the U Dub.
  • Head of the Environmental Works (UW)
  • Director of Operations, Neighborhood Youth Corps, City of Seattle
  • MBA, University of Puget Sound
  • Business Manager of the Quinault Indian Tribe
  • Senior Budget Analyst, Washington State Governor's Office (OFM)
  • Creator/Owner of Trade-A-Card, Inc. (a fundraiser for youth sports)
  • Creator/Owner of Your Child's Birthday (a National catalog)
  • Realtor, Broker, Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
  • Creator of Boomer Plus (a referral network for those working with seniors)

Non Business involvements:

  • Created the South Sound Commercial Investment Association
  • Past member of the Vestry of my church
  • Past Board Member of the City Club of Seattle